The first part of a 2 part tutorial based around designing graffiti style letters. It is a straight forward step by step Adobe Illustrator video, that is perfect for intermediate level and above designers. 

The second part of the graphic design tutorial on digital graffiti lettering.

Can you decipher the code within this logotype design? See if you can figure it out, and let me know what you think about the various designs in this speed art video. 

This speed art video was created in Adobe Illustrator firstly with the Wacom tablet, and then after I had the hand lettering down I moved it over to Photoshop. It is an urban style design, kind of like a 'street-tag'

This tutorial is based around stroke techniques and stroke styles in Adobe Illustrator, mainly how to create a double stroke around text. 

Another speed art video, but this was based around typography / logotype, and the concept of a mountain or freshness in nature.

Here is another typography speed art video that I created, but this is based around a vintage logotype design. 

A new style of editing went into this video so I hope you enjoy. Another speed art video using the Wacom where I create urban graffiti / tag lettering

Easy step by step guide to designing a vintage badge logo

This is another short but sweet video based around typography, I give you 3 beneficial and helpful tips to keep in mind when using fonts and type in graphic design.

If you love typography this video will let you in on 7 great sources of inspiration and tools that you can use

A speed art video based around urban hand lettering using my Wacom Tablet in Adobe Illustrator 

A quick 2 minute tip video based around the settings I use for the brush pen when using the Wacom tablet. This is specifically for hand lettering, more so urban hand lettering

Another typography based speed art video where I use Adobe Illustrator to create a vintage style logo 

An in-depth tutorial on what brush settings I personally use with my Wacom when creating urban graffiti style tagging art

A new mountain based Alpine typography logo with the Wacom tablet

An Adobe Illustrator tutorial on how to design a vector ribbon very easily and in a matter of minutes! 

'Fresh' typography timelapse using my Wacom Tablet in Illustrator, enjoy! 

What do you know about kerning? This quick tutorial video will let you know how important kerning is when it comes to logo design and graphic design in general. 

Today we will be mixing blend layers in Photoshop with this kick-ass double exposure Photoshop effect that is not only simple to do, but which looks outstanding!! So if you want to know hot to mix blend layers or blend image layers stay tuned and master this double exposure image technique. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and to stay updated for future uploads. And be sure to catch the end of the video where I have a couple bonus effects for your double exposure image. So lets jump into this mixing blend layers Photoshop tutorial. 

Do you know the best way to save a logo for a client? Are you having issues with sending your finished logo designs or you are not sure on how to do it? In this graphic design tutorial, today I will be showing you the method I use for saving, organising and sending my logo designs, professionally. Hopefully you will find my way to save a logo for a client useful and you will not have any further issues with sending your finished logo designs. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and to stay updated for future uploads.