Glowing Triangle Vector Tutorial - Adobe Illustrator

Follow along in todays Satori Graphics tutorial where you can make this cool geometric vector design in a matter of minutes. 


1. Making The First Triangle

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 2.54.45 PM.png

In a new document in Adobe Illustrator, go to the shape tool section, hold down a click and opt to use the polygon tool. You will then need to double click the art-board and type in 3 sides which will generate a triangle. It doesn't matter about the size as you can simply resize it by holding down shift and dragging one of the anchors. 

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 2.55.43 PM.png

Make sure that your triangle is a stroke and not a fill. 


2. Duplicating & Rotating Triangles

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 3.18.54 PM.png

Once you have your triangle generated it should like mine above. From you, hover her cursor over the triangle with the selection tool, and hold down the alt/option key, you will then need to click and drag which will duplicate the triangle. You should now have 2 triangles of the same shape and size. 

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 2.59.50 PM.png

First select you must go up to Illustrator>preferences>general and make sure you scale strokes. Then choose one of your triangles and go up to object transform and rotate. You should see this box appear above. Type in 20 degrees and click ok. Once you have rotated it, resize it perfectly inside the other triangle. 

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 2.58.13 PM.png

Your design should look like mine does above at this stage. From here, keep using the al/option key to duplicate the inner most triangle, then rotate it 20 degrees like you with the first one, and do this as many times as you see fit. 


3. Adding Colour & Effects

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 3.00.05 PM.png

Once you have made enough triangles for your design, select them all and then go up to object>path>outline stroke. This will turn the stroke to a shape. From here you can then add whatever colours you like to each individual triangle.

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 3.01.55 PM.png

I have added a dark background to my design by using the rectangle tool and then sending the rectangle to the back by going up to object>arrange>send to back.
You can then select each triangle individually and go up to effect>stylize>outer glow
Here you can add a glowing effect to your triangles. If you want it to match the colour of that particular triangle, go over to the colour palette and copy the colour code and paste it in. 

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 3.10.35 PM.png

If you want to add some text you can, but finally your design should look something like this! 

I hope that you have enjoyed todays tutorial by Tom here at Satori Graphics? You can head on over to my Youtube channel where I have 4 graphic design uploads per week, that consist of tutorials, tips and other graphic design related resources. Until next time, design your future today, peace! 


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