Game Changer Tips For Adobe Illustrator #1

How well do you know Adobe Illustrator as a designer?
Using Adobe software for graphic design can be very daunting at the beginning, and it feels as if there is so much to learn. Young designers and users of such software can feel like they are drowning in an ocean of lines, shapes, gradients and keyboard shortcuts. 

However with time, you will begin to pick up the basics and these fundamental operations will become cornerstones within your graphic design workflow. 
Once you have mastered the basics, you will start to learn of quick ways around certain operations for designing, you will pick up techniques that save you time, hassle and headaches! I have made a series of videos on my Youtube channel 'Satori Graphics' based around these more advanced techniques and tips. 

Some of these Adobe Illustrator tips are obvious to some people, but I want to spread what I feel are very important and crucial ways of using Illustrator, especially when thinking about graphic design as a career. Others are not so obvious and I feel most designers will be able to watch this Adobe Illustrator tutorial and take something away from it. So watch my first instalment of game changer tips and techniques for Adobe Illustrator, and see how many of my points you already utilise in your graphic design workflow.