I'm a British National with an avid passion for design in general, however I am mainly involved with graphic design. My forte is working within editorial and branding design. 

I studied at the City of Bath College and the University of Weston and at present I'm a freelance designer who works from home. However I'm also an ever growing presence as a content creator and social media influencer on Youtube with my channel 'Satori Graphics' - I have over a million video views on there at present, and the channel is gaining traction day by day! The phrase ' I love what I do and I do what I love' springs to mind. 

As a designer, I strive to offer what the client wants to gain, a functional and professional design solution. I often like to communicate with the client as the project advances so we can come out with the best possible design solution.

My portfolio is really quite diverse in range containing everything from photography, to logo and editorial design to artwork I have simply created for fun. I would prefer to let my work speak for itself so feel free to have a flick through. 

If you have any requests or questions please feel free to send me a message.